CurveExpert 2.2

Performs non-linear regression analysis

Work with curve fitting and data analysis projects by modeling structures and environments based on input data and modifying output results with linear regression models, nonlinear regression models, smoothing methods, or various kinds of splines. Data comparison operations are available.

CurveExpert is intended to process statistical data, mainly through applying linear and non-linear regression models and generating illustrative curves. The tool is equally adequate for professionals and students thanks to its intuitive interface. In this regard, the different options are easily available via simple menus. Yet, this does not mean that you do not require at least basic knowledge of statistics to perform a proper interpretation of the results.

CurveExpert can process large sets of data quite easily. Luckily, it supports a long list of regression models. Thus, you can use it to plot such models as linear and quadratic fits. Likewise, it allows performing complex processes, including hyperbolic, sinusoidal and Gaussian. What is more, you can create and use personalized models as well. Every time data are processed, you can get results regarding relevant statistical information, which includes standard error, correlation coefficient and covariance.

Fortunately, not only can you personalize the models but also the way data are plotted. In this respect, the tool lets you customize the look of the different parts of the graphics, including line styles, colors, titles and scaling. And once your work is done, it is quite easy to simply copy the image and paste it somewhere else.

All in all, CurveExpert can help you apply most basic statistical models and plot the results to facilitate their interpretation. Besides the Basic version reviewed here, this product is available in a Professional edition. Regrettably, heavy-duty non-linear regression analysis and smoothing of data can only be carried out on the Pro version, which is also more expensive.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Supports multiple linear and non-linear regression models
  • Processes large amounts of data
  • Supports creating your own models
  • Customizable graphics
  • Easy-to-share graphics


  • Does not support heavy-duty non-linear regression analysis and smoothing of data
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